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3 Ways to Use Your Brand as Your Platform

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This past weekend I attended the “Can You See Me” – Women, Leadership and Race Summit at the University of Maryland College Park. This A-mazing event was hosted by my rockstar client – Ms. Yolanda Johnson, Founder and Lead Facilitator at Beyond Measure. I wasn’t just attending this event because I wanted to support Yolanda – but I was also attending with an open-mind and a desire to absorb information, exchange experiences and learn from others and quite frankly it was sweet to have a little me-time for a few hours.

“Can You See Me” allowed me to reflect on my worth and my whole-being as a woman, specifically a woman of color, an entrepreneur, a semi-millennial, and a leader! If you weren’t #woke or at least had a desire to #wakeup by the time you left, you missed the point of the summit. While sitting in my chair and looking around the room – I was reminded of how Yolanda leveraged the Beyond Measure brand as a platform to bring together women of all ethnicities, ages and professional backgrounds to create a dialogue around race, diversity, inclusion and leadership.

How can we use our brand as a platform to share our message? I’m glad you asked…


  1. Conduct an in-person event – The key word here is in-person, I know in this digital age, we have virtual conferences, and online pop-up events, etc, but there’s nothing like human interaction. Tap into your brand power and bring folks together to learn, discuss, collaborate, connect and absorb your message. It could be an evening mixer, a workshop, a luncheon, a small pow-wow session with like-minded individuals…whatever it is, appreciate the platform and the audience and do your thing!
  2. Line up a few speaking opportunities – You know I’m all about taking your show on the road, so if you don’t want to conduct your own event, be a guest speaker or panelist at someone else’s event. The second half of the Women Leadership and Race summit focused on “Millennial Women Who lead”. The young ladies on this panel were true examples of how to use your personal brand and business as a platform to convey your message; they shared views around the power of storytelling, entrepreneurship, women’s issues, social change and so much more. Don’t be afraid, seek out those opportunities!
  3. Write about it – If it’s a blog, book or article, let the words on the page do the talking for you. Another guest speaker at the event was Dr. Kumea Gooden-Shorter a licensed psychologist and the co-author of Shifting: The Double Lives of Black Women in America. Dr Kumea shared some of her findings during the opening speech and I was sold…some of the nuggets of information she highlighted really hit home for me…needless to say I was standing in line with the rest of the attendees to purchase a signed copy of her book. Download those ideas and start typing, writing, or voice recording- whatever works!

I know what you’re thinking – who’s going to listen, who wants to hear me. Trust me – you have an audience.

Leveraging your brand as your platform not only allows you to get your message out there, but it contributes to your brands authenticity. By putting in play one or all of three ways above we’re making ourselves some what vulnerable – however we’re putting ourselves out there, building brand awareness, which is a plus when it comes to enhancing your brand, but can also be a little scary. No worries – you got this!

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