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Here’s Why you Should Share Your Story!

  How are you pacing yourself in this marathon called life? Have you put some things into action since we last checked in? Well, I hope you have…because we’re about to wrap up 2017 in just 40 more days! Can you believe that…. So here it is…what I’ve been thinking about… I was teaching my class […]

3 Ways to Use Your Brand as Your Platform

Black woman thinking

  This past weekend I attended the “Can You See Me” – Women, Leadership and Race Summit at the University of Maryland College Park. This A-mazing event was hosted by my rockstar client – Ms. Yolanda Johnson, Founder and Lead Facilitator at Beyond Measure. I wasn’t just attending this event because I wanted to support […]

5 Tips to Jump Start Your Summer

Can you believe it’s mid-June…WOW where has half of the year gone, already? Summer officially begins today and I’m here for ALL it has to offer!! It’s odd but very true – my brain goes into vacation mode when June hits, so I have to find ways to stay productive, creative and motivated. Lately I’ve been getting […]

New Month. New Opportunities

  Are you taking advantage of the opportunities that are presented to you, or do you just brush them off? I know how it is, sometimes…you just “don’t feel like it”…or “maybe next time”. Did you ever think, there may not be a next time, and you may have to be open to that opportunity […]

Are You Ready To Make Herstory?

Happy Women’s History Month – This month I wanted to take some time to recognize dynamic women in history, specifically women entrepreneurs who have paved the way for women in business to do what we do! So I’ve been doing a little digging and each week this month I’m going to share a few highlights […]

Professional Vs Personal Social Media

Happy New Year – can you believe I’m still saying that? I’m still saying it to people who I have seen or talked to in the new year yet, that may be some of you reading this! Okay, let’s try Happy Monday! I shared this content with a smaller group of folks around inauguration time […]

NO Meeting Jargon: Top 10 Overused Phrases

How many of us love all day meetings, or those wonderful workshops or conferences that last a few days (can you sense my Friday sarcasm?). In all honestly, I do enjoy being in groups settings and learning from others while sharing ideas and insight, however what I don’t appreciate is all of the meeting jargon. […]

Brand Spotlight: A Vision that Yields Results

In a class full of individuals eager to learn more about branding and communication there was one participant that I immediately connected with, Ms. Yolanda. Yolanda was one of the 20+ professionals who signed up for the Montgomery College Non-Profit Leadership Bootcamp last spring, but little did I know, Yolanda was ahead of the curve. When […]