G. Lynn Concepts



I’m Glynis L. Jones. Brand Strategist, Speaker and Facilitator.

You know the friend or colleague that you always go to for creative advice or the one you ask to review your latest product, or to listen to that new idea you have? That’s the same person that gives you tips on how to promote your next event or the one that helps you develop a plan to launch a new initiative…That’s me, I’m that gal.

I love working one-on-one with folks like you that want to build BIG brands and make their mark in the world. Your brand is so much more
than a handsome logo and a catchy tagline to me. My job is to help personify everything you and your business stands for. More importantly, I consider the emotional and psychological relationship you have or want to have with your audience.

What do you want them to feel or think when they engage with your brand? Go ahead; I’ll give you a minute to think about it.

That’s what I call your Internal Definition (I.D.)

If you imagine a bull’s eye; the center ring is where your business stands with its I.D. Every ring after that is where I help create the outward building of that I.D. It will become a part of how we work together, how we create and how we dream together. I use your I.D. to build, enhance and maintain your brand by teaching you how to drive your own outward expansion.

I’ve been at this for a while with over 10 years of experience in management, branding, product development, communications, and marketing. I’ve hung out in the creative agency world as an Account Executive, and then transitioned to managing corporate marketing efforts, and various government contracts that focused on knowledge synthesis, communication and brand awareness, and message and product development.

Some people ask…why do you call yourself a facilitator? A facilitator is a person that makes an action or process easy or easier, and that’s what I do! I help make it a little easier to bring your ideas to life. You have something that you’ve been brewing for a long time, or maybe you just had an epiphany last night, whenever that seed was planted I help facilitate the process to water, nurture, and feed it so that it blossoms into a brand!

I value the importance of developing and enhancing a brand, and understand what it takes to promote and manage effective programs. My passion for branding and marketing combined with my dedication to providing strategic solutions has positioned me to excel and offer creative guidance to individuals like you.

I’m thrilled about the opportunity to work with you!