G. Lynn Concepts

Let’s talk….

Sometimes I like to talk ….a lot, and other times I like to observe.

I enjoy talking to groups and organizations about branding and what it means to creatively convey your message, and bring your ideas to life. Do you need someone to come and speak to your organization or group? Are you in need of a conference speaker or panelist?

What do I talk about?

Mostly about the importance of having a personal brand, understanding your purpose, and the power of marketing, and I sprinkle in tips on how to make all of that work together. I will work with you to understand what you’d like to accomplish and we’ll customize an agenda that will hit the mark for your audience and the objectives of your session.

Who do I talk to?

Anyone who will listen…I really enjoy speaking with young professionals, women, and teens. Individuals that have a desire to grow and go higher in their purpose are those who I believe benefit most from what I have to share.

Where I’ve Spoken Recently