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Are you taking advantage of the opportunities that are presented to you, or do you just brush them off? I know how it is, sometimes…you just “don’t feel like it”…or “maybe next time”. Did you ever think, there may not be a next time, and you may have to be open to that opportunity to catapult you to the next level?

I have a new pile of business cards on my desk because I was open to an opportunity to attend the WSSC 7th Annual Women Business Owners’ Expo a few Friday’s ago. When the awesome marketing and event planner Simone Jones Tyner (TRUE) invited me to the event I knew I had to attend; 1) To support Simone’s brilliant work 2) I thought it would definitely be a nice close-out to Women’s’ History Month and allow me to be in the presence of like-minded individuals; excellent women seeking to grow, learn and network.

This was my first year attending this event and I encourage you to put this on your radar for next year. I left there with a list of new connections, and a notebook full of “to-do’s, inspired and motivated to seek new business opportunities. It wouldn’t be fair if I kept it all to myself, so I wanted to share a few of my take-aways and highlights from the day.

WSSC Women Business Expo Highlights
The keynote speaker was Ms. Bershan Shaw, international motivational speaker and life coach. Bershan came in fired-up and ready to motivate us! She shared her story of being diagnosed with stage four breast cancer and how she’s not only a survivor, but a WARRIOR. She gave us the following acronym for WARRIOR:
W – What’s really holding you back from greatness?
A – What is your attitude?
R – Realize your triggers?
R – Rectify it
I – Isolate yourself from toxic people
O – Open for change
R – Reach for your goals

Take-away: Bershan’s message to me was to basically keep moving forward. I continue to hear this idea of how “we are our biggest barrier or obstacle”, and Bershan hit this point as well. Her words were…execute..execute…execute!

There were many dynamic sessions to choose from. I had to be strategic in selecting which to attend, I actually jumped around a bit; here a few additional highlights:

  • Trecia Warnholz founder of WARNHOLZ CO, whom I know personally as an awesome web developer and kind individual delivered a session on how to focus and be more productive. Trecia shared her personal story and how the dynamics of her home life and the need to focus on her family forced her to audit her time and to be mindful.

Take-away: “Time is Finite”, be mindful of how you spend your time; is it turning into profit?

  • Dawn Jackson of NuDawn Marketing Group, Inc. talked to us about defining and leveraging your brand authenticity. Dawn emphasized that a brand is more than a logo (you know I love to preach that point); your brand is your story, and she encouraged us to identify our Remarkable Difference…Our homework was to write down 25 adjectives that make our brands authentic and then narrow it down to five.

Take-away: Do I convey my brand authenticity daily and what is my remarkable difference?

I could go on and on, but I don’t know if you have the time! In addition to the awesome keynote and breakout sessions I had the opportunity to meet other women who are rocking it out as women business owners.

FYI: If you’re interested, check out and register in WSSC’s Supplier Portal System – learn more about opportunities with WSSC www.wsscwater.com/supplier.

The WSSC Women’s Business Owner’s Expo was an event full of women making#herstory!

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Take advantage of April! A new month is always a good excuse to try something new, take advantage of an opportunity, get out of your comfort zone or if nothing else, review the last month and consider what you can do differently THIS month.

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